Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Whole30.

The Whole30 is finished.  And here are my thoughts on it.

I decided to try this particular "diet/ challenge - (if you will)", because I heard that it could reduce inflammation in joints.  Not the diet per say, but the removal of an unknown food source that I was consuming, that could/ might be adding to my discomfort.  This year I was diagnosed with a couple loose vertebrate, that resulted in having Spinal Instability.  And since my body doesn't care for pain medication (nor am I a fan of band-aiding the real issues), I'm now willing to try most anything to help this situation with my health and certainly for only 30 days.  I'm totally worth that!  Everyone is, whatever their personal issues might be.  SO, here's how it went.

Week 1 - PANIC
This week was filled with an unbelievable amount of panic.  Panic from my body, because I wasn't feeding it all the bad shit it was craving and wanting, even though it was hurting me.  Panic that I wasn't going to have enough to eat and I might die from starvation.  Panic that I might eat the wrong thing accidentally and screw up this commitment.  Panic that I didn't prep well enough for this journey and I could fail over that and Panic that I might kill some one from being Hangry.  This was a long ass week.

OOhh… the pity party had rolled in by now.  And it was celebrating all the lousy things I could possibly think about.  I felt flu-ish from the detoxing of ALL my regular diet components.  I was super ticked off that I had to even restrict myself to "possibly" relieve my lower back discomfort, "Why me??" I was totally over black coffee.  I hated everything.  I think at one point, I was even catching myself giving chickens the stank-eye when seeing images of them.  Stupid chicken and their stupid eggs.  Stupid, shitty chicken faces, don't even exist already!  My life was obscenely angry.

However… I was sleeping like a baby.

I'm not sure exactly what and when it shifted.  However, I subtly started realizing that I was laughing more this week.  My shitty/ hateful looks had fallen away and in place was this weird "calm" face.  Like you'd think I was listening to Enya, or some crap.  I even liked chickens again and contemplated buying a coop.  It was super wild.  And on top of ALL that, I wasn't as lethargic and sickly feeling anymore.  In fact, I'd goes as far as to say I was restless with energy.  And not the kind that comes from a "high" of carbs or caffeine and then later "the crash" but, a steady/ consistent/ flow of it that never seemed to end.  I sewed a LOT this week.

I think the title of this week, pretty much sums up my thoughts on how I felt during this time, damn accurately.  It completely unnerved me that I could feel SO good and the only thing I changed in my life was what I was eating (or NOT eating, depending on how you look at it).  My energy was off the charts, sleeping like an infant, my mood was so steady and happy, and my back… NO PAIN.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I even did a test by going to the one place I could NEVER get through without bending over or having to squat to relieve the pressure in my spine, IKEA.  I could have stayed all day!  It was truly, bizarre!  I bought a lot of shit that day.  Clearly, being able to spend all day really looking through Ikea… leads to baskets of Christmas decoration loot.

SO… here's my ending thoughts…
I'm staying on the Whole30.  I don't see any reason to stop living this lifestyle.  Will I "cheat" every once in awhile… yep, I totally will.  But, it will be on date nights… so, we don't break our home habits that we've spent this moth creating and ultimately… enjoying!  I like eating clean and my body… DEFINITELY likes me eating clean.  So, yeah… I would encourage anyone who feels yucky for one reason or another to try it fo sho!

OOHhh… and because I know there will be some curiosity as to weight loss.  I will say only this on that topic.  I personally do NOT use a scale.  I never have.  I don't believe a number should dictate what your level of fitness and overall health truly is.  With that being said, I chose NOT to weigh myself in the beginning of this 30 day challenge or at the end.  That wasn't why I did this.  I have no doubt that there was some loss, because my clothes do fit differently.  But, that was not "my" goal, so I don't see how it would help me gain anything with that certain knowledge. 

XX, Heather

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Scrappy STRIPED Flying Geese TUTORIAL!!

Alrighty, then!  Here's the deal… if you're on IG, then you might know that I started a little QAL (quilt a long) named the #scrappypostagestampqal to use up all my scraps that fit ingot he 2.5" square category.  HOWever, I had all these strange cut strips that had no purpose, but to annoy me.  I had been thinking about what I would like to do with these muthers, when I ran across a pretty great idea!!

Okay, I want to start off by saying that, this was NOT my original idea (most are intact NOT in the quilting world…. new!  :P) and I was totally inspired by this person's post!!  I just wanted a different size and a bit more ease on a quick template to make them, so I came up with this!  

If you do decide to make these with me, I'd love to see them… so, please use the new hashtag on IG
#scrappystripedflyinggeeseQAL !!

So… here we go!  These are easy & fast & 4 at a time!  Let's bust some scraps!!

Taking computer paper, trim down to 8.5" X 8.5".  Then grab a wad of fabric scraps long enough to meet those measurements.

Taking two of the drips of scraps, lay them right sides together and sew 1/4" seam using a shortened stitch length of 1.2 on your machine.

Continue until you have cover your entire computer paper.

Trim down to the original 8.5" X 8.5" size.

Cut your Paper pieced block into 4 segments.

Well… that was easy so far, yeah!  Okay, lets make these current triangles geese.
Cut 4 - 4.5' X 4.5" Squares for the background fabric.

Then cut them each "ONCE" diagonally.

Taking one background Triangle place it right side to right side of your striped triangle.

Here's the trick to these… you want to line up the "bottom" of your triangles with your extra length coming of the top!!  This is SUPER important or you won't get the "Crisp Tips" of flying geese!!  

Sew using 1/4" seam.
(extra photo of the ALL important tip fabric!)

Press with an iron. And then repeat the process on the other side.

Press your second side over, gently remove the paper on the back of your block and WHA-LAH!  An adorable Scrappy Stripped Flying Geese block.
These should trim up to  7.5" X 4"!!

The beginning of mine!!  Don't you just love how the stripes are going different directions!  Talk about adding interest to an already cool design!!  :D

XX, Heather

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fat Eighth Frenzy!! The ShortCut Quilts Series!!!

Well… hello there!  It's been FORever since I have written on my blog... and I can give you every excuse in the world for why is hasn't happened, however… I'll sum it up with one word, life.  It's a crazy time for me and the fam right now!!  I mean my kid are getting SooOOoo old and totally need me in their business ALL the time.  It's their favorite.  Obviously, I need to comply.

Anywho, Kimberly over at the Fat Quarter Shop (one of my longest and dearest fabric shop peeps) has lured me back into the blogging world for this concept of her's.  Get this, she's TOTALLY making YouTube videos!  Like the kind, you'd actually want to watch because she's articulate, knowledgable, and the production doesn't scream "cheese-y/ bleh"!!  Hahaha  Also, this new series is pretty damn clever!

The ShortCut Series.

Basically, it's recipe box full of quick quilts and today I'm sharing her Fat Eighth Frenzy one!!

I decided to make a Christmas quilt and selected Basic Grey's 25th and Pine collection!  I'm a big fan of Basic Grey fabrics by Moda.  I love how gritty they are, yet traditional.  Kinda like me! :P  This quilt is super simple and YouTube video describes it WAY better then I could in 6 minutes.  Watch it.  And then, tell me you wouldn't want to make one!  I think it took me a couple hours and that's because of the ironing needed!!  I swear!  So FAST!!!

Here is the link to the FREE pattern:

Here is the link to the Fat Eighth Frenzy video:

And also the bonus quilt video:

The Fat Quarter Shop is having a 20% OFF Fat Eighth bundles until November 2nd, 2014 at 11:59 pm CST!

I'm actually, hoping to stop by here more often.  Hope to see you all around! 
XX, Heather

Friday, February 7, 2014

Pillow Collective Blog Hop!! People… meet the Scrap Fan!

I think it's pretty obvious that I like a pillow (cough, cough my book.), so... of course I accepted the fabulous invitation to participate in this hop!!  A huge thanks to Miss Amy for thinking of me and wanting me to play along!  Kiss, kiss lady!!

Okay… now let's talk pillow for minute, k!  Pillows are rad for a really great reason… you can try out a pattern before actually committing your time & finances to a larger project and before you know it you're going to want to pull out your hair half way through it.  I think you can all relate, or we wouldn't all have those damn WIPs laying around everywhere, right!  Right.

So, I took that very advice to heart with this hop and tried out a new (actually it's SUPER old) pattern and gave it a modern twist.  Hence… The Scrap Fan!!  Grandmother Fan's are a traditional pattern that caught my eye recently and I knew if I didn't just make one, it'd bug the shit out of me.  So, one I did!

I will ONLY be posting links to the main portion of this pattern... as to not waste my time or disrespect the original blogger's post by rewriting a perfectly good tutorial.  I'll will be addressing what I changed to keep this project on target for the goal only, a pillow with a scrappy twist.  Okey dokey peeps…  here we go!

Please read this tutorial before reviewing my additions to it. 

Printing off your template from this link.

See the template with a "F" on it?… throw that crap away! It was dumb and I liked the original tutorial much better for beginners!!  Way less tricky!  Trust me!!

Now grab some of those endless scraps!  Sew a group of them together, trim and press.  Remember, wonky's nice sometimes and this is one of them!

Using your template cut your first fan out!

Already, have some pre-made strips in your scrap piles, use that shit!

Just keep at it until you have the 8 fans that the pattern calls for.  I made a rainbow with mine.  I never do that, make rainbows.  LOL  I'll probably, be shipping this pillow off.  :P

Now, here's where things got interesting.  I like where the original tutorial had this block become appliqué, so I stuck with that theory… but I cut my block backing to 10" X 10".  I then stitched my fan onto it by using a zig zag stitch as suggested.

I then trimmed my appliquéd block down to 9" X 9".  Nice and crisp.

Your actually done with your "Scrappy Fan" portion of this tutorial, but if you'd like to continue onto making a pillow top (raise your hands peeps!)  Then cut (2) 9" X 9" and (2) 9" X 20" pieces of background fabrics.  Sew the (2) square pieces first using 1/4" seem allowance.  Then the rectangle pieces.  Feel free to fold your rectangles in half to create a guide for yourself to center your strips!!

TaDa!  Now trim your pillow top down to 18 1/4" square.

I used the "9" as my center point on the mat to secure that my fan was centered.

and Boom!  There is my Scrappy Fan pillow top!!

I then pulled it off my design wall real fast like (I was excited)… sandwiched it, quilted it, attached a simple envelope back and then patted myself on the back.  I was very proud of my "rainbow moment"  Haha!! 

And that's it!!  I'm definitely thinking I'd like a quilt out of these babies.  They were pretty fun to make and you could really use up a large amount of scraps on one fo sho!!  Hope you liked my spin on a traditional classic!!  Want more pillows??… Check out these other cool kids and their designs!! 

Cheers kids!!
XXxx, Heather

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  • Monday, February 3, 2014

    I love Book Boyfriends.

    I am without doubt the biggest hopeless romantic, so it goes I read around 100 of these type of books a year.  I read in bed at night and I listen to them during the day.  I will honestly re-read/ listen to many of my favorites over and over again.  I'm a sucka!

    It only makes sense that I would own a quilt dedicated to my favorite book boyfriends too.  I'm using Denyse Schmidt's Proverbial Quilt pattern for the words.  And as always, I'm mixing low volume prints as my backing to give the generated look, dreamy!  Sigh…

    So far I've included:
    Rush who starred in Fallen to Far.
    Bennett who starred in Beautiful Bastard.
    Travis who stared in Beautiful Disaster.
    Barrons who starred in (He is my most favorite of the man candy!!!) The Fever Series.
    Zsadist who starred in Lover Awakened a Black Dagger Brotherhood Novel.
    Jace who starred in The Mortal Instruments Series (NOT THE MOVIE! YUCKY!!)
    Kellen who starred in Effortless.

    I of course have many O' boys to add to this quilt for sure… but, then I got the idea of how cute it would be to have little books sprinkled all over it!!  Thankfully Ayumi made the perfect paper piecing block for this thought in her new book, Patchwork, Please!  So, now… I've switched over to making some of them for a bit!!  It's really starting to look like a book boyfriend quilt even MORE now!!  hahaha!!  I think i'm in love.  Wink, wink!!

    If you want to watch the progress of this quilt, pop over to Instagram!! I'm Houseofalamode or you can see the action at #bookboyfriendquilt !!!  Feel free to join in and post photo's of your favorite fictional men seen in fabric too!!  This is an addicting quilt, which may end up being a California King size when I'm finished!!  LOL

    OOhh… and you can always see what I'm reading and what I thought on it on Goodreads!  I track everything, cause I'm a spas!  Also, if you'd like to share your most loved book boyfriend with me… leave his name!  I'll read him real good!! ;)

    XX, Heather