Friday, February 7, 2014

Pillow Collective Blog Hop!! People… meet the Scrap Fan!

I think it's pretty obvious that I like a pillow (cough, cough my book.), so... of course I accepted the fabulous invitation to participate in this hop!!  A huge thanks to Miss Amy for thinking of me and wanting me to play along!  Kiss, kiss lady!!

Okay… now let's talk pillow for minute, k!  Pillows are rad for a really great reason… you can try out a pattern before actually committing your time & finances to a larger project and before you know it you're going to want to pull out your hair half way through it.  I think you can all relate, or we wouldn't all have those damn WIPs laying around everywhere, right!  Right.

So, I took that very advice to heart with this hop and tried out a new (actually it's SUPER old) pattern and gave it a modern twist.  Hence… The Scrap Fan!!  Grandmother Fan's are a traditional pattern that caught my eye recently and I knew if I didn't just make one, it'd bug the shit out of me.  So, one I did!

I will ONLY be posting links to the main portion of this pattern... as to not waste my time or disrespect the original blogger's post by rewriting a perfectly good tutorial.  I'll will be addressing what I changed to keep this project on target for the goal only, a pillow with a scrappy twist.  Okey dokey peeps…  here we go!

Please read this tutorial before reviewing my additions to it. 

Printing off your template from this link.

See the template with a "F" on it?… throw that crap away! It was dumb and I liked the original tutorial much better for beginners!!  Way less tricky!  Trust me!!

Now grab some of those endless scraps!  Sew a group of them together, trim and press.  Remember, wonky's nice sometimes and this is one of them!

Using your template cut your first fan out!

Already, have some pre-made strips in your scrap piles, use that shit!

Just keep at it until you have the 8 fans that the pattern calls for.  I made a rainbow with mine.  I never do that, make rainbows.  LOL  I'll probably, be shipping this pillow off.  :P

Now, here's where things got interesting.  I like where the original tutorial had this block become appliqué, so I stuck with that theory… but I cut my block backing to 10" X 10".  I then stitched my fan onto it by using a zig zag stitch as suggested.

I then trimmed my appliquéd block down to 9" X 9".  Nice and crisp.

Your actually done with your "Scrappy Fan" portion of this tutorial, but if you'd like to continue onto making a pillow top (raise your hands peeps!)  Then cut (2) 9" X 9" and (2) 9" X 20" pieces of background fabrics.  Sew the (2) square pieces first using 1/4" seem allowance.  Then the rectangle pieces.  Feel free to fold your rectangles in half to create a guide for yourself to center your strips!!

TaDa!  Now trim your pillow top down to 18 1/4" square.

I used the "9" as my center point on the mat to secure that my fan was centered.

and Boom!  There is my Scrappy Fan pillow top!!

I then pulled it off my design wall real fast like (I was excited)… sandwiched it, quilted it, attached a simple envelope back and then patted myself on the back.  I was very proud of my "rainbow moment"  Haha!! 

And that's it!!  I'm definitely thinking I'd like a quilt out of these babies.  They were pretty fun to make and you could really use up a large amount of scraps on one fo sho!!  Hope you liked my spin on a traditional classic!!  Want more pillows??… Check out these other cool kids and their designs!! 

Cheers kids!!
XXxx, Heather

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  • Monday, February 3, 2014

    I love Book Boyfriends.

    I am without doubt the biggest hopeless romantic, so it goes I read around 100 of these type of books a year.  I read in bed at night and I listen to them during the day.  I will honestly re-read/ listen to many of my favorites over and over again.  I'm a sucka!

    It only makes sense that I would own a quilt dedicated to my favorite book boyfriends too.  I'm using Denyse Schmidt's Proverbial Quilt pattern for the words.  And as always, I'm mixing low volume prints as my backing to give the generated look, dreamy!  Sigh…

    So far I've included:
    Rush who starred in Fallen to Far.
    Bennett who starred in Beautiful Bastard.
    Travis who stared in Beautiful Disaster.
    Barrons who starred in (He is my most favorite of the man candy!!!) The Fever Series.
    Zsadist who starred in Lover Awakened a Black Dagger Brotherhood Novel.
    Jace who starred in The Mortal Instruments Series (NOT THE MOVIE! YUCKY!!)
    Kellen who starred in Effortless.

    I of course have many O' boys to add to this quilt for sure… but, then I got the idea of how cute it would be to have little books sprinkled all over it!!  Thankfully Ayumi made the perfect paper piecing block for this thought in her new book, Patchwork, Please!  So, now… I've switched over to making some of them for a bit!!  It's really starting to look like a book boyfriend quilt even MORE now!!  hahaha!!  I think i'm in love.  Wink, wink!!

    If you want to watch the progress of this quilt, pop over to Instagram!! I'm Houseofalamode or you can see the action at #bookboyfriendquilt !!!  Feel free to join in and post photo's of your favorite fictional men seen in fabric too!!  This is an addicting quilt, which may end up being a California King size when I'm finished!!  LOL

    OOhh… and you can always see what I'm reading and what I thought on it on Goodreads!  I track everything, cause I'm a spas!  Also, if you'd like to share your most loved book boyfriend with me… leave his name!  I'll read him real good!! ;)

    XX, Heather

    Sunday, December 29, 2013

    2014…! You have no idea. I'm ruthless.

    Here's the thing, I'm completely cool with who I am and what I do.  And yes, I do realize this is a terribly vague statement that applies to every aspect of my life.  However, it doesn't come easily, the whole being "cool" with it, especially when it comes to your craft blog.  But, it does and/or can happen over time if you generally put in a great effort to just being a GREAT you, a true you.  Am I the " GREATEST?", no…but, I strive.  And ultimately, I believe that is this action, that is the fundamental difference between living at YOUR fullest and just "living."  

    That's why I can feel comfortable with cussing.  Hell, shit, fuck… all good.  Why?  Because it's just flavor.  Like adding seasoning to plain old chicken breast.  You're offended, that's okay, I respect you not following me.  Everyone has choices and I make mine.  I choose to swear.  I like it and no matter who poo-poo's it… it always feels good to me and mine, so I embrace that.  And, ultimately, YOU have to be okay with you, regardless.  I like me, cuss and all.

    36 is an amazing year.  I actually said that about most of my middle 30's, however… they do SERIOUSLY get richer.  Who fucking knew?!  I couldn't even begin to grasp this quote (see below) before my 33rd birthday.  Now, Take me or leave me… either way, I'm good.

    So, I'll shoot you straight.  I'm no saint, I'm in fact a sinner in many o' biblical ways, but I BELIEVE… Your soul can be magic, can be good, even Great really… and even to others, while you sin.  Some may be unable to ever express this outward to another, other's never more than a subtle, silent gesture.  But, some of us, can make a larger ripple.  And it's that thought, that ripple, that keeps this blog alive within me.  That hope of.  That filthy Ripple.

    When I created this blog so many years ago, I thought it was going to be this big, grand, great recipe.  A recipe to and/or for sewing, to fabric & the designers of thus,  to the people within it, this creative online world.  I actually wanted that.  Now, I've played that game (I've been privileged with newspaper articles, magazine write-ups, radio programs, book contributions, and even my own book.) and I'm not interested in the game anymore.  It comes with such a "high" demand.  Demands for everything and every ones who wants them.  That, why I'm done.  I'm cool with just being me.  Sewing when my family life allows for it (not to my insecurities), showing my creations (without feeling an anxiety inducing "need" to give additional directions in how to create it), and to "write" on my blog without the need to "care take" to my audience.  What once was, is no more.  For here, anyways... at my HOUSE.

    Ultimately it, this blog, has grown into a "being" of it's own that I do hope, has been perceived as a "rest stop" within conformity IN THE END.  A stop that might have brought you PERSONALLY; a simple surprise along our way, maybe even made you stop and ponder something, a sense of a bonding-strangeness maybe?, anything other than the typical, tutorial craft blog.  "Why," you ask?  Not because there is anything at ALL wrong with those educational blogs, but rather that they are ultimately…  just, not me.  This is my true hope for my House.  My House of A La Mode.  A space within. THAT'S WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY.   A space within, that is for pure enjoyment.  No real knowledge, no real direction, no real "space" in your life that would create ANY frustration. Yep, no frustration over any of the following;  doubt, creativity, ability, inadequacies, finical restrictions, or any other negative connotations that could arise from perusing such craft blogs.

    Why should this work?  Why should I not have to beat the pavement of the other craft/sewing-world-blogs???  Kiss every ones ass, re-create the wheel, jump through every time-sucking hoop for others and the possibility of the "new" followers??…..  Because.  BECAUSE!  If, it this doesn't succeed, this blog.  I don't give a shit.  I'm NOT loosing anything over the time I put in here, because I'm just being ME and ME is all I need to succeed in MY life.  In the end of the day, this is not MY JOB, but my hobby!  That's why, I CHOOSE NOT to join the rat race.  I CHOOSE ME.

    I'm kinda great to everyone that matters to me.  And that'll always be enough to them.  I'm enough.

    You may feel the need to express your emotions over this post, and I might need to empress my decision to delete them.  You may get this and you may not.  However, I'm writing this ultimately, TO 2014, YOU ARE MY AUDIENCE.  Between me and you.  I am going to exploit you every time I get.  I am going to take advantage of you at every moment I see and when you think you shouldn't be looking towards my way… I will be plotting against you.  Against, any and all, who might think me week in achieving my ultimate goal, happiness.   I so fucking got this.  Period.

    So, if you just read this entire post… pull up your big-girl panties sisters & brothers and get serious about spending your newly "given", NOT granted,  year … and kick ass, take names.  YOU deserve it!!!
     As my 16 old would say, "YOLO."

    X, Heather

    Wednesday, December 18, 2013

    Some things never change.

    I am who I am.  Which means, I don't play by the rules…  I buy the most lovely quilt patterns and use them for other random projects and I feel real good about it too.  This Tangelo Infinity Scarf is the perfect example of my crazy mind.  I just loved the quilt pattern so much, I felt everyone who came in contact with me should be introduced to it!  LOL 

    Carolyn Friedlander has sucker punched me with her new fabric line, Botanics as well… so, I thought I'd mash them up with a layer of flannel & voile for a dreamy scarf.  Her gold leaf fabric has robbed my bank account and fed FabricWorm's endlessly this past month.  I mean… it's GOLD people!

    Yep, I have definitely made a few of these scarves this season ( see Instagram for the others! ), and you wanna know why…

    I totally CUT OFF ALL MY HAIR! hahaha!!  And I'm freezing!!  That'll teach me to pull this kind of stunt in the winter month's of Portland!!  

    Ohh… well.  Lesson learned!  On to other things!!

    Yep..  I can't wait to have a little bit more time after the holiday's to start on these puppies!!

    XXx, Heather

    Friday, December 13, 2013

    To new beginnings!!

    Big changes are happening on my little blog and Shelly & I are super happy to announce them!

    Shelly has decided to move her Book Reviews to her own blog, as she is now posting these great video's on YouTube and needed more space!!  I am totally excited for her and totally support her successful growth!!  I'm going to miss her here… but, luckily I'll get to see her more now that she's has all those cool videos! (I wish I had an inch of her techy-ness!!)  You can now find her at Shelly's Book Shelves and I'm going to keep a button on my blog for you all to find her easily as well!

    I am also starting a new project, as a local Sewing Studio Teacher at Studio 64!  I think most people know that I love bullshitting and sewing my day's away, so this should be a very good move for me!  Plus, I get to work with my friends and I'll have WAY more bitchin stuff to show you all!  

    In my reprieve from blogging this past year, I've gotten a smidge addicted to Instagram… so, if you're ever feeling like you need a "Heather" fix, you can find me here mostly! hahaha!!  However, I thought I'd show you all a few things I've been up too lately!  I and I do plan on being MUCH more involved in my blog again!!  :D

    AND… I totally updated my blog look!  I'm so completely obsessed with GOLD right now!!  MUST have everything GOLD!!!  Mmmmm…. Gold!!!   LOL  I mean, how can a girl not love gold??  Clearly, I'm just as crazy-pants as ever, but whateves!  ;)

    Here's to 2014 and great new beginnings to everyone, especially my wonderful friend Shelly!!  

    XXxxx, H